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About 🇬🇧

The Rocco Spani Foundation is a legal corporation that through studies, researches, education, cultural and development activities together with updated methods and new technologies is aimed to oppose the social exclusion among youngers – being this a grim reality.

The Foundation’s main scope is to activate any social, cultural and support intervention among the disadvantaged all over the national area to guarantee the physical and moral protection of the weak and the abandoned childhood, as per art. 2 of the statute.    

With this aim the Foundation established a permanent education service to promote culture, to prevent criminality and to activate different recovery plans throughout expanded and organized educational programs, the listening and the attention out of the borders as a reliable and believable option, as a challenge and a responsibility to families and youngest, enhancing each individual background and history, overcoming any indifference and blindness.

To be part of this community, to support and help each other and the others, to discover and appreciate all that human values that can give a sense to our life, with new and refreshing social and personal opportunities.

The friendship, the shared responsibility, the non-violence are the values of the cultural program of the Foundation, together with very specific educational proposals – a chance to share opinions – always motivating the analysis and research.

From the overcome of the needs and marginality to the analysis of the different problems; from the analysis of the relationship to the personal relation and to the main educational objectives; from the full participation of anybody to the development of the experience, to the enhance of the human resources to the attention to itself, to the relationship with the institutions and the public; from the scheduled evaluation of the project to the permanent monitoring of the community; from a shared participation – with a real acceptance of the personal and common growth – to the responsibility of a mutual confidence; from the philosophy of the work-game – throughout the different art capacities and entertainment as well in education and in free time – to the top of the self-respect and independence.

These active principles and guidelines are in accordance with the social, educational and cultural self-government of the Foundation and the social network around as well as identify it as the favourite representative especially at schools but also to professional and academic life, to field testing and to the realization of those special educational synergie.

The Foundation is present over the area with the following activities and educational centres:

a) a daily community and a residential care housing
b) the laboratories  (educational and first start-up to work)
c)  the education  (counseling, apprenticeship ) and the legal, medical advice, and more
d)  a documentation collect point (a library and a video library).

All the services and structures develop and run through the daily routine, that is the real contest and the personal cultural background.

Youngers, adults, students, workers, religious persons as well as volunteers and employers at the Foundation, all are highly motivated and identify themselves with the values and the scopes of the same body, sharing the membership and bringing to life a favourite place where attention, open-mind, clearance, coherence, honesty are the answers to the social needs, the right & nice place for children but also for adults in their mutual relationship.

These significant human capital resources (professional instructors, entertainers, teachers, counselor, pedagogists, psychologists, medical doctors, lawyers, workers) have got different skills and a relevant background together with a specific experience in the field of deviancy.

The development of ideas and resources invest a wide range of human and social science, live the pluralism as a true value – the ideal, the point of view, the religious values, the legal matters – building up a significant cultural depth.